Treat Yourself To An Excellent Craft Beer

Quality Water

Our beer is brewed with the excellent, high quality water of Hayesville, NC. We replicate water mineral profiles to match the region where the beer originates.

Pure Ingredients

When creating our beers, we only use water, natural malted barley and fragrant hops and yeast.

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Small Batches

Doing only small batches allows us to give our full attention to every brew. That’s why we always get the highest quality product.

Fantastic Flavors

Years of experimenting with flavor profiles have allowed us to perfect the unforgettable tastes of our beers.

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Making the perfect beer starts with choosing the finest hops and wheat, using the best water, then choosing the highest quality flavorings.

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Mixing all of the carefully chosen ingredients in a brewing tank gets the flavors to mingle in preparation for the fermentation process.

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After waiting patiently for 2-3 weeks, the fermenting process has yielded the characteristic flavors of a fantastic craft beer and is ready for kegging.

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After the magic has happened, the beer goes in a keg for storage and transport to many favorite restaurants and grocers in the area.

Our Craft Beers

The Best Beer Uses the

When creating our beers, we only use water, natural malted barley, fragrant hops and yeast.  Sometimes, there is a special ingredient needed to flavor our beer which is added to the fermentation process when making our Possum Drop or natural fruit flavoring for our wheats beer. We don’t do anything to beef up alcohol or change the final product. What we brew is what you get.

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is an Octoberfest style amber colored beer slightly sweet from the Vienna malt used in the brewing process. This is a great fall beer, yet enjoyed year round.

EZ-PZ Blonde

EZ-PZ Blonde is our signature craft beer. It is enjoyed by new comers to craft beer and seasoned veterans. It is a balanced, easy to drink blonde ale. Do not mistake this for a light beer. It is full bodied with great lacing and pairs well with all food.

Possum Drop Porter

Possum Drop Porter is a robust Chocolate Coffee Porter that gets its flavor from chocolate roasted malt and rich coffee beans added to the fermentation process. This is a full bodied, indulgent beer.

Half Back Hop

Half Back Hop is an IPA for the masses. Even non IPA drinkers like this fruity and aromatic beer. It contains 5 different hop varieties added to the boil from 60 minutes to 1 minute.

WNC Wheat

WNC Wheat is a favorite summertime boat beer. It is brewed with orange zest and coriander. Squeeze an orange in your glass before pouring and enjoy the refreshing aroma.

Baby Got Bock

Baby Got Bock is a dark and rich 2 X the flavor of a bock beer. A chewy and heavy malt lover’s dream.

Flavored Wheat Beers

We brew a light, easy drinking wheat beer then add natural fruit extract for some fun. We are currently making: Mango, Habanero Mango, Blue Berry Lemon and Cranapple Wheat.


Our craft beer is available in many popular restaurants and bars in Southwestern North Carolina. Make sure to come back and check on our ever-expanding locations!

Hayesville Brew
1568 Hwy 64 West, Hayesville, NC
Black Dog Tavern
82 Main Street, Hayesville, NC
Daily Grind and Wine
46 Valley River Ave. Murphy, NC
Chop House of Murphy
130 Valley River Ave. Murphy, NC
Parson’s Pub
19 Tennessee Street, Murphy, NC
Chevelles 66
66 Hiawassee Street, Murphy, NC

Come Visit Our New Taproom!

516 Tusquittee St, Hayesville, NC

Hours of Operation
Saturday-Tuesday 12-6 PM

What People Say

Meet The Brewers

We are Jody and Leisa Jensen and we own Hayesville Brewing Company. Before moving to Hayesville, North Carolina in 2010, we both worked for large corporations and decided to follow our dream to work for ourselves. We both had a background in the food industry and in customer service, so it was a natural choice to open a restaurant. After research, we determined Hayesville also needed a brewery so we taught ourselves how to make beer.

After months more of research, we chose a one vessel brewing system instead of the more common 3 vessel brewing systems that most brewers use. The inventor of this brewing system convinced us that this system produces a better and more consistant product than the older styles. The inventor of this brewing system also offered to spend as much time as we needed with him learning to use the equipment and offered to share his knowledge beer making. We purchased The Brew Boss brewing system started learning all about the craft beer process.

Business History

In 2015 we signed a lease on a quaint building that needed to be transformed from an empty space into a restaurant and brewery. As soon as we were able to operate the brewing system, we started making and sampling beer. Since we were working in such a small space, we decided that we could only offer 6 varieties of beer.

On May 19, 2017 Hayesville Brewing Company opened for business. We opened without any advertising and on the second day of opening, we had a full restaurant and the customers were absolutely impressed with our attention to all details of atmosphere, service and great tasting and eye appealing food. The beer was the biggest hit. One of our regular customers who happened in on our first day was sure he was going to be disappointed because of his past experiences with new businesses not meeting expectations. He was also skeptical that this small town could have a brewery that made good beer. He was pleasantly surprised. In fact, our brews were the biggest hit of all. Our customers described our beers as very easy to drink, full bodied and clean tasting.

After our first year in business, we realized that we needed a larger brewing system and more space for brewing. We purchased another building that needed a complete build out and moved our brewing systems there and began brewing more beer more efficiently. Operating a restaurant and brewing beer was consuming all of our time.  After much thought, we made the tough decision to sell the restaurant and concentrate our efforts on canning our beer and to start offering catering services and attending beer festivals and community events with our beer. The restaurant sold on September 1, 2020.

We are happy with our decision and are pleased that the new owners of our former brew pub, now called Hayesville Brew, still carry our beers among others.  We continue to move forward as Hayesville Brewing Company…brewing beer for you!  Look for us!